Summer 13.

After many years with the forecasters branding phrases like “barbecue summer” or “Indian summer” and only to be left disappointed it has finally arrived! Long may it last, it’s very welcome after feeling robbed so many of the past few years. The David Brown to is making the most of the weather being out at a few vintage runs in the sunshine at a relaxed pace catching up with a few friends along the way.

Things are hot in the workshop too. While the heat and glorious sunshine is superb it does however effect working conditions with timber storage alongside the adhesives and polishing techniques having significantly shorter working and curing times not to mention the physical aspect.

What better to sit with as dusk draws down on another summer evening but a candle lantern. Below is a selection of wooden lanterns made from various timber species, I’m thinking of producing more of these if anyone would be interested please contact myself.

Other recently completed projects include an Elm and Ash dining table, I will get a picture uploaded shortly.

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