Walnut bedroom furniture.

American Walnut bedroom furniture with burr walnut details. Comprising of a king size ”Dublin” bed, window stool, clothes box and two bedside lockers.  

Painted wardrobes.

Recently installed wardrobes and dressing area under a sloping ceiling, painted an off white colour with Oak knobs and top.  

Alcove solutions.

Do you have an awkward space in your home that could be used much better? Can’t find an “off the shelf” piece of furniture to fit? Too high, too wide, not wide enough, wrong colour…… Have you ever considered having an item built to utilise the space to it’s best potential? Call me to discuss [...]

Walnut Office.

A recent installation was this Walnut office for the Pastor at Portadown Baptist Church. Constructed by bonding Walnut effect laminate to thick panels to create a solid structure with a pleasing curved drawer unit and ergonomic desk space.  

Craigavon Means Business.

As part of the Craigavon Borough Council showcasing event “Craigavon Means Business” held last month in Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast, I gave a presentation on behalf of the creative industries sector highlighting my work and assistance I have received from within the council area. As part of the Craigavon Means Business program I feature in [...]

Pair of Iroko gates.

Below is a recently finished pair of gates made from Iroko and finished with OSMO UV protection oil. My client is intending to add decorative wrought iron flower panels to each of the open squares towards the top. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of that and I’ll amend this post with the photos [...]

Coffee bar.

Earlier this year I installed this little coffee station area to a new business up the country. Made entirely from Birch Plywood with a clear lacquer finish, and by incorporating a few curves it all worked with the space my client had after deducting customer seating arrangements. Please excuse the poor images, after setting off [...]

Oak & Ash.

Working for a local cheese maker www.mfcheese.com I was commissioned to make six frames to store the produced cheese for the duration of it developing into something truly worthwhile. All made to a design tried and tested from way back in the day it was delivered to my client unfinished as would be the case [...]

August exhibition.

As part of the Creative Peninsula programme I will be presenting a few tables as part of a group exhibition at the Ards Craft Centre, Newtownards, Co Down. Titled “Tables & Chairs” it opens on Friday 2nd August for the entire month with a “meet the maker” opportunity to interact together on the morning of [...]

Summer 13.

After many years with the forecasters branding phrases like “barbecue summer” or “Indian summer” and only to be left disappointed it has finally arrived! Long may it last, it’s very welcome after feeling robbed so many of the past few years. The David Brown to is making the most of the weather being out at [...]