American Burr Walnut collection.

I recently delivered a few items of furniture veneered with American Burr Walnut as mentioned in my last posting. The carcase and framework is a combination of solid and veneered Walnut with the panelled pieces veneered with the burr veneer. Working with burr veneer demands great care due to the fragile nature and consumes much time and thought in preparation before the actual panels can be pressed. In addition to the careful veneer work was the fact the two larger items of furniture were curved resulting in the use of formers to laminate plinth, rail and other components.

I am pleased with the outcome and thankfully had little tweaking mounting the screen to the lifting mechanism which rises remotely with a manual swivel action, with the screen lowered within the sideboard it leaves the cabinet with plenty of storage space. All opening doors and drawer fronts are activated with touch catches as can be seen from the drinks cabinet.

Currently on the bench in the workshop is a set of gates with a home office storage area next once plans are drafted and agreed.


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