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Door update.

Production is moving along nicely with the doors and after a few weeks of machining components followed by assembly we are now at the stage of finally applying the quadrant around the panels and spraying a coat of primer. Note the doors containing the red MDF panels, we are using this form of MDF which is rated at half hour fire [...]

Current project.

I know its been too long since I have posted a new blog entry, I was building up the courage so here goes!!   We have been receiving great feedback in regard to the new site, thank you.   In the workshop at present we are busy manufacturing 25 internal doors for a client in [...]

Welcome to our re-designed site

Thanks for taking the time to visit us! For those trying to look at the site over the past while thanks for returning and being patient, as a lot of hard work has been put in to this and a word of thanks to those for their input and developing what we have today. Our [...]